Our clients, based near Blandford Forum, Dorset were very keen to change everything about the bathroom in their house which they bought five years ago, including the 1980’s tiling, the Jacuzzi style bath which was so large it wasn’t possible to have a proper bath in it, a shower which you had to step up about 9” to access, a basin that was too small and – because the bathroom was in the top floor of a barn conversion – a WC which for a man, if over 5’ 6” in height, was impossible to use owing to the beams!  


To make matters even worse, there was NO DOOR on the bathroom entrance, which was an arch.  The client was desperate to form the entrance into a proper doorway and install a door, so that the bathroom could become a place of peace!


It was not an ideal bathroom in that it failed to hit the three key criteria we think people are looking for when planning a new bathroom;


  1. LAYOUT – is everything where you want it to be?  Can I reach from the shower to get my towel? 
  2. PERFORMANCE – does the WC, shower, bath, basin and storage work?  Are they functional?  Is the room warm?  Is it warm under my feet in the winter?  Does it stay cool in summer?  What’s the lighting like; can I see anything?
  3. LOOKS – Does your bathroom look like you want it to look?  Does it make you feel like you want to feel? 

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