S Gaulton [Plumbing & Heating] Ltd is an accredited installer of renewable energy products under the Microcertification Scheme [MCS] through our work with leading renewable energy supplier, Power Naturally Ltd. 


We are operating an active policy of accrediting our company with key manufacturers training schemes, including Mitsubishi and Daikin.


We have been working with Power Naturally for five years - Power Naturally Ltd has extensive knowledge of delivering innovative natural power technologies in the UK. Contact Mark Green at www.powernaturally.co.uk

S Gaulton [Plumbing & Heating] Ltd

Chestnut Farm, Church Road
Pimperne DT11 8UB



Stuart Gaulton: 07973 566740

Libby Gaulton: 07989 448014

Office/fax: 01258 451975





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